Leapmotion and me: part 1

Good day, fellow bloggers! I got my Leapmotion controller about a week ago, now, and here are my initial impressions:

-The device is well-made, tracks motion extremely well, and is surprisingly inexpensive and glitch-free for a startup device made by a small company. They do a good job of getting it to you quickly, too; I ordered mine on July 22nd and it was here that saturday.

-The interface is very cool, and responds snappily and smoothly.

-Similarly to the iPad, this device is going to sink or swim on what developers  do with it. Thus far, the ‘killer’ app for it that I’ve found is Andreas Hedenberg’s Better Touch Tool, an OSX utility that features very good expanded gestures for Apple’s magic mouse and trackpad, and now the leapmotion controller. It doesn’t support scrolling or similar mouse gestures, but per the app’s blog those are coming soon, and just the system gestures are a deep level of integration already:



Here are the ones I’ve created in Better Touch Tool so far. As you can see there is very little this app and hardware cannot do together, and more has been promised.

-There are 78 apps available in the LeapMotion store. I’ve only tried Touchless (which is a horrid mouse emulator that doesn’t work) and the NY Times app, which is very nice indeed. There’s various games and science-oriented apps, too.

Here are a few I intend to try out eventually and perhaps post reviews of:




The airspace ecosystem consists of a web page that you buy the apps on, and an app launcher  organizer. I am not sure why LeapMotion chose this means…my best guess is that they felt people would be better off with keeping their controller-optimized apps away from normal apps. Or something.

It’s also surprisingly small:

Photo 64Photo 63 Photo 62

That’s about it for now. I have a copy of Windows 8 in the mail, and will post my impressions of LeapMotion and W8 when it arrives; apparently the Leapmotion software has support for W8’s gestures natively implemented.


Better Touch Tool: https://blog.boastr.net

Leap Motion store:https://airspace.leapmotion.com/

Update: You do not need to use Airspace to launch LeapMotion applications. My mistake.


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