Changing Stuff On Mac

It’s been a pretty busy day of changing how some things look and work here on my iMac.


Above: iMac.

I’ve learnt how to change the tacky Mission Control linen background to something cooler, along with doing the same to Notification Center, and how to stretch a single wallpaper across all five (or four, or three, or however many) Spaces you have. I also found and made a handy AppleScript, so we’ll talk about that first.

For those who are completely unfamiliar, AppleScript is a language that lets you build what’s called a “script”. This is a file that tells your computer to do a specific thing: open a program, turn itself off, restart, and so on. The one I found today lets you open multiple Finder Windows using what’s called Alfred, which is basically a keyboard-shortcut center and thus is quite useful with AppleScripts.

This video shows the workflow: Open alfred, type “newwindow”, and it’ll autodetect the script, which I have saved in Documents. Hit enter and it automatically runs; do it twice for two windows, again for three, and so on. It’s not mind-blowing or anything, but I do appreciate not having to go down to the Dock, right-click the Finder, and select “new Finder window” when I want to open something.

You can download the script here if you want:

Now, as to changing how OSX looks. I’ve owned Macs since 2008 without tinkering with them very much, and to be honest I’ve gotten kinda bored with it. For some reason Apple thinks “cutting edge technology” matches with “fabric!”, or at least they did.


This  is how my iMac’s Dock, Mission Control, and Desktops look now.



And this is the Notification Center:

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 4.09.40 PM


We’ll go over Mission Control first, as that is actually fairly technical.

Or I’ll just provide the website that showed me how:

The notification center is much easier; you use an application called “MountainTweaks”, which can be obtained here:

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it (also give the kid some money), go to the “Mountain Lion Tweaks” tab and click yes under “Change The Notification Center background.”


It’ll let you pick which image you want to use; go ahead and set it and it should pop up immediately in Notification Center.


Changing icons is pretty easy, too. Download your package (I got mine from deviant art, link below), unzip em, and then do this:


Deviantart link:

Using a big wallpaper to create one continual image in Spaces is very easy as well. Basically, find yourself a multimonitor wallpaper and divide it into pieces using the Crop tool in Preview, as I’ve shown in end result below:


Once you have it all cropped up, assign each individual piece to it’s specific position (1, 2, 3, 4, and so on) to the corresponding desktop Space. Make sure to uncheck “automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use” to allow the wallpapers to remain where you left them, as shown below:


That’s pretty much it, folks. Oh, here’s a dandy Youtube video of me launching and rearranging my applications made using the Quicktime screen capture:


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