Holbrook Pond, with my dog Laura

My wife and our dog Laura went to Holbrook Pond at Fort Stewart, Ga (where I work) today. Took a fair pile of photos of our dog, as my wife refuses to be photographed.


A bit about Laura:

We don’t know how old she exactly is. My wife (then fiancee) found her and her brother at the state park she used to work at; as I was deployed and she was living with her sister at the time, she and her brother went to the Humane Society, who named them Laura and Walker, after the park where my wife found them. They were nearly half-starved; Walker, we found out later, was on the verge of dying from malnutrition.

Fast forward a few months; my wife and I were on vacation in New Mexico; she randomly checked the Ware County Humane Society Facebook Page and freaked out when she saw that they were both about to be put down. (Literally that day.)

Being the upstanding husband I try to be, I called them right away and basically ordered them to not put them down and that we’d be home in a few days. They accepted these and we picked them up the day after we flew home.

Keeping two nearly fully grown puppies in a tiny apartment turned out to be a pretty major hassle. We wound up giving Walker to another family as my wife was scared of him, but Laura had just broken our hearts when we got her. She had sarcoseptic mange when we first bought her, and she was so incredibly sick…barely year-old dogs do not just lay there and eat their Kibble. She’s much better now; happy and playful and sweet. We think she’s about two or three years old.

Sometimes I think of years from now, when Laura will be old, and no longer so playful. It’s sad to think of her with grey in her orangey-blonde fur, and maybe some arthritis we’ll have to buy medicine for…but she will leave us much better than she came into our lives, and our lives will have been better with our loyal and kind pet.


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