AR-15 takedown and history

Good day, readers! I finally decided to do a video post about my AR-15. A few corrections before the video:


It’s .30-’06 Springfield, not Remington;
And my optic is a Bushnell, not a Burris.

Brain fart, I guess.

The first video is a general history and showing design features; the second one is a closer view of the control systems on the weapon.
I think I did pretty good for not rehearsing.
And here are some pictures:
Upper and Lower Receivers.
Bolt carrier group: Bolt carrier, firing pin, bolt, firing pin retaining pins, charging handle.
Some key things to take away:
-Firearms are tools. Potentially dangerous tools. They’re not toys and you shouldn’t treat them as such.
-Building one yourself is fairly easy and costs a lot less than buying one from a manufacturer.
-If you have relatives that are crazy, be careful, please. You can be as responsible and mature a firearms owner as you want, but if you have a relative with mental illness and a tendency towards violence, they may try to kill you and use your weapon to kill a lot of other people. We enjoy a lot of flexibility in the firearms we’re allowed to own compared to virtually every other country, and with that flexibility comes a lot of responsibility to ensure our firearms aren’t used in ways that are harmful.

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